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Mercedes W211 Fibre Optic Bypass Connections

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On some of the Mercedes-Benz W211 models, which has the original GPS navigation or the original head unit cables look like the below pictures. You will require the bypass extension cable to connect the power cable from our aftermarket car stereo to your car.

After removing your original radio, you will find two cable harness like the above picture shows in the red circle. You won't be doing anything with these cables so please leave them alone. You will just need to connect the bypass power cable from us to your new head unit. 

There are three connector from one side of the extension cable. We have numbered them in order to make the connection easy to follow. So here is the cable:

You are probably wondering where these three plugs go to? Normally if your car is a right hand drive, you can find the original head units control box under the left truck, please refer to the picture below. If you have a left hand drive car has the unit under the right truck.

The NO.1 plug is used for Canbus signal output from your car to one of our head units.

The NO.2 plug is used for providing power for the unit.

The NO.3 plug is used for directly connect the speaker wires to your car speaker.

So that is where all the plugs go to. The other end of the cable will run up the vehicle to be placed behind the new stereo to be plugged in.

PLEASE NOTE: If your vehicle has the fibre optic DSP amplifier for the car speakers, then the speakers are not powered by the head unit, they are powered by the fibre optic amplifier. If this is the situation, then a further adaptor will be required. Please enquire and show us the fibre optic connection so we can advise.