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Direct Fit ME7270B After-Market GPS Stereo For VW & Mercedes

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(You save £120.00)

Product Description

Our DT-Series WinCE6 head units are excellent after-market head unit upgrades from the standard factory units. Running with a MTK3360 800MHz CPU and Dual Core ARM9™ & ARM11™ Cortex processors, this head unit offers Analogue Radio, Multi-Media (USB, SD, AUX & iPod), DVD/CD and Bluetooth, all at an affordable price-tag. 

Build Quality: You will probably see a lot of overseas sellers selling this type of unit, so what makes ours better? Our units are built with the very best components. We use a Silicon Labs Si4745 premium radio receiver for quality radio reception, a DSP processor for ultimate sound, a SANYO 860C DVD/CD driver with a SUNPLUS 8202 VGQ decoder and a Samsung 800x480 WVGA Advanced 4-Line Digital Touch Screen. The unit is also made up of quality components from Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic and SiRF.

Sat-Nav GPS Navigation: The unit comes with GPS built in Sat Nav. We use our own customised NavTeq based maps for the navigation system here. Supplied with UK, Ireland & Western European maps as standard, the long Euro road trip may actually be a reality now! Everything you could want from a navigation system is here. Search by using a full postcode, POI or by street and city. Nice clear mapping with audio directions assisted by lane guidance and junction view means you will never get lost again. PLUS this unit features Dual GPS Zone Functionality.

Bluetooth: The system features an advanced Masten® Bluetooth module with full phone-book synchronisation, meaning all your address book contacts on your phone can be displayed and accessed on the touch screen. View the names of your phone-book contacts, missed calls, dialled calls and more. To make a call after your phone-book has downloaded simply give the name a double tap on the screen. There is a FREE external microphone provided with the head unit also.

Multi-Region DVD Player: Enjoy movies up front, or play movies independently to an External Entertainment Monitor (sold separately) in the rear while following GPS directions on screen. You’re in complete control! Of course it will play all your old CD's too.

Multi-Media: Playing music by SD card and USB is brilliant on the MTK-Series units, you can access file playlists and more importantly the head unit will display all the song information and album art (if assigned). It will even show lyrics of the song too (if assigned to the file). The MTK-Series units will support SD and USB media drives up to 16GB. You also have a Virtual CD Player (VMCD) function on the head unit where you can copy CD's directly to a media device.

Made For iPod & iPhone: Compatible with iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the iPhone 4|4S|5|5S|6|6S only. You will need a 1m or 2m Apple cable to plug into the USB port on the rear of the head unit (cables not supplied with the head unit). Then you can play your music straight from your Apple device onto the designated iPod mode. It will display all the song information and album art (if assigned). However, please note: As Apple continuously perform iOS updates, it can interrupt this mode. Apple are trying to make their method of playing music only compatible with their own Apple Car Play products, therefore reducing the chances of this always functioning. Please Note: Part Number JES-IP150 required to decode the Apple software to enable the unit to read it.  

DAB Radio: Add our JES-DAB358 Digital Radio Kit to the unit and enjoy DAB Radio with crystal clear clarity and a huge range of stations to listen to. You've got great stations such as Kiss, Smooth and BBC One Extra to name a few.

Internet Ready: With use of a 3G dongle* to connect to the Internet this unit will let you have the World Wide Web at the end of your finger tips. Log on to Facebook or Twitter, check what is happening with the latest on the social. You can visit Google Maps and suddenly you have a FREE, accurate and regularly updated navigation system. Maybe visit BBC iPlayer and catch up on the TV you haven’t managed to watch. You could even visit Just Eat or Hungry House and place an order for some food so it’s ready for when you get home! The possibilities are endless with the Internet in your car.

Steering Wheel Controls: The head unit will retain the steering wheel controls. No extra wiring needed, it's all plug and play. 

Direct Fit Terminals: You know this is going to be straight forward as the unit is designed like a factory unit, no after-market wiring looms provided. The factory fitted quad-lock connects directly into the back of the unit, same with the aerial connection. Please view the picture of the rear of the unit to see which factory fittings it accepts directly.


  • Digital TV Kit: JES-DV255 Required.
  • DVR Front Safety Camera: JES-CA456 can be used with this head unit.
  • 3G Dongle: JES-WF166 (SIM card must be purchased from a network provider such as Vodaphone, EE, 3, Orange etc)
  • Reversing Camera (Supports both NTSC & PAL): We have a huge range of rear view cameras to choose from
  • Front AUX Camera (Supports both NTSC & PAL): We have a huge range of front cameras available


  • FREE Off-Line Android Navigation Maps Provided With Full Post-Code Search, Lane Guidance & Junction View
  • UK, Eire & Western European Mapping (Alternative Options: USA & Canada OR Australia & New Zealand)
  • Microsoft Windows 6 (WinCE.NET6) Operating System
  • Win8 DT-Series App-Themed User Interface
  • Direct Factory OEM Plug Fitment For Audio Power Connection
  • Plug & Play* Installation | Compatible With CANBUS & Non-CANBUS Applications
  • Retains Factory Fitted Steering Wheel Controls - No Additional Parts Required
  • ​Internet Ready (3G Dongle JES-WF166 Required)
  • DVR Compatible (DVR Sold Separately | Part Number JES-CA456 Required)
  • DVB-T Digital TV Compatible (DVB-T Sold Separately | Part Number JES-DV255 Required)
  • Built In Games
  • Built-in Bluetooth For Hands-Free Calling & Music Streaming
  • ​Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Built Into The Stereo Face
  • ​External Microphone Port (Microphone Sold Separately)
  • ​Analogue RDS Radio With 30 Preset Radio Stations | FM & AM Frequencies
  • ​iPod Ready With Artwork Display With Track Name, Artist & Album View (JES-IP150 Required) ** 
  • ​Virtual CD Player | Up To 10 Discs | Copy CD’s Straight Onto USB Or SD Card
  • ​Multi-Region DVD Player & CD Player | Mp3 & WMA Compatible
  • ​Will Play 720p & 1080p HD RMVB Files
  • ​4x50 Watt Output
  • ​X1 RCA Pre-Outs | Sub & Amp Connectivity
  • ​CAM-In For Reversing Camera Input | Supports Both PAL & NTSC Signals
  • ​Video In & Out | For Additional Screens To Be Added
  • ​Rear USB Connection | Supports Up To 16GB
  • Rear AUX-In RCA Connection
  • 7 Colour Choices For The Button Illumination (Red, Yellow, Cyan, Green, White, Blue, Purple)

*At ATD, although we would like to avoid using phrases like Plug and Play, we know that installation is not always this simple especially with vehicles from the MB group, these units are supplied with the most common antenna connection however there are many variations of antenna setup depending on the OEM unit removed, it is always best to check which connections you require before fitting the stereo so you can order any additional accessories. Please be sure to purchase a good adaptor from a trusted source as there are many that claim to be amplified but are little more than a few resistors and a diode or capacitor.

** Please Note: Part Number JES-IP150 required to decode the Apple software to enable the unit to read it.  Compatible with iPod Touch, iPod Nano and the iPhone 4|4S|5|5S|6|6S only. You will need a 1m or 2m Apple cable to plug into the USB port on the rear of the head unit (cables not supplied with the head unit). Then you can play your music straight from your Apple device onto the designated iPod mode. It will display all the song information and album art (if assigned). However, please note: As Apple continuously perform iOS updates, it can interrupt this mode. Apple are trying to make their method of playing music only compatible with their own Apple Car Play products, therefore reducing the chances of this always functioning.  



This extremely popular Windows 8 style operating system really brings you to the forefront of modern design. Running on a Windows CE.NET6 operating system and powered by dual core ARM processors this system is quick and fluid. Everything you need is at your finger tips.


Customise how you want the main menu by using the drag and drop applications and positioning them how you want. You can also change the background image in the settings or even add your own picture by uploading via SD card. 


Setup the unit how you want by setting the button illumination colour to match your dashboard, adjust your brightness settings and more.


The old school view of a wireless! Just like a retro look radio set up, this is simple to use and easy to tune . You've also got RDS and 30 pre-set stations available. All your standard radio features are also included: TA, AF and PTY.


Built in Bluetooth means you can keep your eyes firmly on the road whilst having the ability to make and receive calls hands free. Simply connectivity. Get a call whilst listening to music or the navigation, the unit will allow the call and when you're finished it will resume back to its current function.


You can view your dialled numbers, received numbers and your missed calls numbers. You also have your phonebook on the unit and you can search easily. It will arrange the phonebook by favourites and then alphabetically.


Streaming your music via A2DP Bluetooth is easy. Once paired, simply stream the music and control the music from the head unit. A totally wire-free solution. You can even stream music media from your smart phone meaning you could steam apps like TuneInRadio and Spotify.


This user interface offers quite a bit of customisation. You can have the display and the sounds exactly how you want them. Very simple to set up and amend. Make the most of the user interface and make it your own.


Our Virtual Music CD Player is a great way of offering you a modern day CD multi-changer. You can copy up to 10 different CD's directly from the CD - DVD drive onto either a SD card or USB memory stick.


With use of one of our Internet dongles (sold separately), you can get online and browse the World Wide Web. You can browse our listings on eBay, check your Facebook, send a Tweet or even order some food from Hungry House. The sky is the limit!


Get the sound that suits you. With our graphic EQ, you can customise the base, treble and customise your sound levels. An excellent feature especially if you have amplified speakers or upgraded speakers.


Just like with our USB and SD card function, you can play music media via Mp3 or WMA. You can play movie media via AVI, Mp5 or RMVP in full 1080p high definition! A standard function that is way too overlooked these days! Movies in the car :)


The unit will come supplied with our own customised mapping application. Using NavTeq maps, you know you will find your way with ease! With full postcode search, junction view and also multi-route planning you will never need a map again! UK, Eire and Western European maps are standard on this unit.


The unit is compatible to support to the steering wheel controls. You can assign each function to have it how you want. Very simple to set up and save. Also, if you car has it, you can answer and end Bluetooth calls from the stalk control.


This custom fit head unit is designed to be a direct fit after-market replacement head unit for the original fitted head unit. The unit is supplied with a matching audio plug fitting from what should be standard, for a simple plug and play* installation. Please read the fitment notes (if any) assigned to this product as we try to advise as many points and possibilities as we can. The fitment guide is given as a guide only. Each vehicle may have a variation so please make sure you've checked everything to be sure the product will be suitable.


  • ​ Mercedes-Benz A-Class W169 (2005 - 2012)
  • ​ Mercedes-Benz B-Class W245 (2005 - 2012)
  • ​ Mercedes-Benz Vito W639 (2006 - 2014)
  • ​ Mercedes-Benz Viano W639 (2006 - 2014)
  • ​ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2006 - 2016)
  • ​ VW Crafter (2006 - 2015)

PANEL SIZE: Top Width 244mm x Height 240mm X Bottom Width 130mm

MPORTANT INFORMATION: The fitment guide is given as a guide only. We strongly recommend you double check the shape and dimensions against your application before purchase as some models on our fitment list do have different shape stereo's fitted from factory.


1. Mercedes Sprinters on ISO, you will need to manually connect the ACC +12v cable in the power loom.

2. Mercedes Sprinters on Quadlock, you need to connect the CANBUS connection. There is two options on the loom, either via the Quadlock plug or via the CAN plug under the passenger seat. Both wires are provided with the unit.

3. Mercedes A-Class W169 models with the single DIN unit, but in this shape. Sometimes slight modification is required to the aperture.


- Power Supply: DC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5V)
- Max. Current: 10A
- Button Light Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, White
- Front panel Size: 244mm(Top width)*130mm(High)*240mm(Bottom width)
- Package Size: 340mm*270mm*200mm
- Shipping Weight: 4.5kg
- Screen Type: 7 inch Touch Screen
- Resolution: 800*RGB*480
- Built-in Clock and Calendar: Yes
- Built-in Games: Yes, 6 Games for your choice
- Built-in Calculator: Yes
- Screensaver: Yes, you can setting screensaver to 15s/30s/60s
- Wallpapers: 10, and you can update user's wallpaper from GPS Card
- Drag and drop Icons: Yes, the position of icons can be changed at will
- Change the backlight: Yes, you can choose day/night backlight and adjust
- One Button for Blank Screen: Yes, shut off display but keep sound in the evening
- Digital or Analog: Digital Touchscreen, very vivid
- Beep: On/Off
- Menu Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, 
  Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Thai
- Bluetooth: Auto Answer: On/Off, Auto Connect: Yes/No
- Navigation: Volume mixed/Auto to Navi when power on...
- EQ Setup: Support the newest 10-Band EQ
- Sound: User/Flat/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Class
- Video: Yes
- Steering Wheel Control : Yes
- RDS: Yes
- Date & Time: Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable or GPS Time
- Factory Setup: Yes, the code is 3711
- Connector: On the Back
- 3G Standard: WCDMA only
- 3G Dongle included: No, you can contact us to buy it together
- Explorer: Opera
- Processor: MTK3360 800MHz
- Operation System: Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0
- Internal Memory: 256MB
- External Memory Size: Can expand to 32GB
- Support Maps: IGO, SYGIC, GARMIN...
- GPS Operation Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek...
- Voice Guidance: Yes
- Support 2D/3D Map Views: Yes
- Dual Zone: Yes, navigating while music playing
- 8GB TF Card included: Yes
- Decode IC: SUNPLUS 8202VGQ
- Compatible Format: DVD, DVD-R/RW, HDVD, MP3, MP4, CD-R/RW, VCD, DIVX, WMA/JPEG
- Audio/Subtitle Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic..
- Divx Title: Unicode/UTF8/ASCII
- Last-Position-Memory: Yes, expediently watch all kinds of disc continuously
- Hands Free: Yes
- A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth
- Bluetooth Music Control: Yes, play/pause/previous/next
- PB-Download: Yes, can download phonebook from mobile to this unit
- PB-Search: Yes, can use the first letter to search contact member in PB-Listings
- Calling Records: Yes, Dialed Call, Received Call, Missed Call
- Setup: Auto Answer, Auto connect, Pin Code
- Built-in Microphone: Yes, on the front panel
- External Microphone Jack: Yes, on the back
- AM Frequency Range: 522-1620KHz
- AM Increment: 9KHz(EU)/10KHz(US)
- FM Tuning Range: 87.5-108MHz
- FM Increment: 0.05MHz(EU)/0.1MHz(US)
- FM Area: Europe/USA1/USA2/Japan/Russia
- RDS: On/Off
- Preset Stations: 30(FM 3*6, AM 2*6)
- Built-in iPhone Audio Decoder: No, you can contact us to buy ES150 together
- Port: USB1 Port, use USB charge cable to connect
- Compatible: iPhone5/6/iPod/iPad
- Charge the connected Device: Yes
- Control Device on Touch Screen: Yes
- iPhone Video Input: NO
- Position: USB1 and USB2 Port On the Back
- Capacity: 32GB
- Play MP5 Videos: Yes, can play RMVB Videos up to 1080P
- Touch Music Title to play directly: Yes
- Position: On the front panel
- Capacity: 32GB TF Card
- Play MP5 Videos: Yes, can play RMVB Videos up to 1080P
- Touch Music Title to play directly: Yes
- External Port for Car Recorder Input: Yes
- Supply Power to connected car DVR: Yes, you can connect our Car DVR to achieve this function
- Touch Control the connected DVR: Yes, you can connect our Car DVR to achieve this function
- External Car DVR incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together
- External Port for Digital TV Box: Yes, Support DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB Box
- Power Supply to DTV Box directly: Yes, you can connect our DTV Box to achieve this function
- Touch Control the DTV Box on unit: Yes, you can connect our TV Box to achieve this function
- DTV Box incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together
- VMCD: Yes, support virtual 10 CD changer
- Games: 6 built-in Games
- Calculator: Yes
- Calendar: Yes
- AUX Video In: One
- Rear-View Camera Video In: One
- External Microphone In: One
- AUX Audio In: R/L
- DTV Box In: One
- Car DVR In: One
- Radio Antenna In: One
- GPS Antenna In: One
- Video Out: Two
- Audio Out: R/L
- Surround Stereo Out: 4*50w
- Subwoofer Out: One
- 1*User's Manual in English
- 1*Special to ISO Adapter Cable
- 1*SWC and other Control Cable
- 1*External microphone Cable
- 1*CanBus Extension Cable
- 1*Radio Antenna Adapter Cable
- 1*RCA AV Cable
- 1*USB OTG Cable
- 1*GPS Antenna
- 1*8GB TF Card

Other Details

7" Screen
DAB+ Radio

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  1. so far so good. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Feb 2018

    FM Is good , Satnav ok so far and CD/DVD ok.

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