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Mercedes E-Class W211 Fibre Optic Amp Retention

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We are getting asked more and more about installation of our units on the MERCEDES E-CLASS W211 with the fibre optic connections but with customers wanting to RETAIN the amplifier rather than bypassing it with the harness we usually offer. So here is our blog on how you do this!

Here is the plug type the Comand head unit has

This plug actually breaks down into two parts. One is the two fibre optic plugs and the other is the BATT and EARTH. You can carefully remove the fibre optic plug by pressing a tab down to release it from the joint plug.

WARNING:  This is not a plug and play install and we recommend great care is taken when doing this install.

Firstly, you will need to purchase the MOST Fibre Optic Adaptor:

Secondly, you will NEED a multi-meter to test cables.

The power loom that comes with the radio will need to be modified. So you will need to MANUALLY cut and crimp the following connections:

RED (ACC) - This needs to be connected to a +12v ACC feed. Usually the CIGAR SOCKET +12v would be the best place for this

ORANGE (ILLUM) - This needs to be connected to a +12v ACC feed. Usually the CIGAR SOCKET +12v would be the best place for this

YELLOW (BATT) - This needs to be connected to a +12v constant feed. When the standard Comand radio is removed and the fibre optic plug separated, you should test with your multi-meter and find one of these cables is where you splice into.

BLACK (EARTH) - This needs to be connected to ground/earth. Again, you should find an earth on the separated original audio harness.

This is the power and earth sorted for the head unit. Now next is to sort out the CANBUS & Steering Wheel Controls. Underneath the one footwell is the CANBUS connections, this is what you are looking for:

On this rail, all the wires are actually connected to each other so it doesn't really matter which ones you tap into. Just make sure you connect MINUS to MINUS and POSITIVE to POSITIVE. Get your multi-meter out here and test for the 12v to determine the positive.

Back to the wiring:

GREEN (CAN +) - Connect to the Positive on CAN rail

GREEN with TRACE (CAN -) - Connect to the Minus on the CAN rail.

Test and/or setup and make sure they work.

Alternatively, you can just purchase Connects2 CTSMC013.3 & CTMULTILEAD.2 and this does most of the work for you but at over £200+ it may not be desired! 

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